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Mythos couples accommodation in crete
Mythos hotel couples accommodation in crete


Mythos Hotel is a beautiful, romantic destination where you can experience precious, unforgettable moments together. Situated in the centre of Rethymnon, there are endless possibilities for perfect summer days & nights.  Enjoy long romantic walks in the most picturesque old town of Crete. Cuddle up in the majestic Fortezza Castle and enjoy the breath-taking sunset.

Then sit beside the gently rolling waves of the sea and gaze up at the moon in the beautiful starry sky. End your evenings with a refreshing drink or ice cream at one of the many bars & cafes along Rethymno’s impressive beach road.

And once you get tired, Mythos Hotel will be waiting to envelope you in its soft embrace. ‘Kalinikta’… Goodnight.


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